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Busted Foundation Mission Statement

Busted Foundation was organized for charitable and educational purposes. Specifically, Busted Foundation exists to aid those in medically related hardships through financial or educational assistance.

Busted Foundation will initially focus its’ efforts funding breast cancer patients in California; starting in Southern California then expanding into the entire country as it grows. The goal is to eventually be able to provide charitable assistance to the entire nation. Busted Foundation will be able to quite easily expand its’ educational coverage to the entire nation by creating a comprehensive database of charity programs and grants in a single location. Our operations are funded primarily through contributions from the public, including, but not limited to individuals, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and corporations.

There are a myriad of financial sources available to those in need but most members of the public are unaware of their existence. Busted Foundation will endeavor educate the general public on the wide varieties of public charitable assistance available. Education will take the form of a free website (WWW.BUSTEDFOUNDATION.ORG). The website will host documents and videos detailing both sources of assistance available to the general public and education on the procedures to follow when seeking assistance. This would act as a central location for seekers find assistance.


BUSTED FOUNDATION grew out of the dedication and success of Bowling For Boobies®. Bowling For Boobies® began in 2004 lead by Terri Lyman, Stefanie LaHart and Edith Speed as a support to Edith while she was in her own fight with breast cancer. Edith had been diagnosed with breast cancer and then undergone a double mastectomy only to find that her next battle would be financial. Our event was such a success that year that we were all inspired to continue our efforts and reach out to more women in our local community. In 2007, Busted Foundation was formed and incorporated with the intent of continuing and expanding the work of Bowling For Boobies®.